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Traditional television studios give extra help to their writers to make sure they create shows with impact, audience appeal and longevity - in other words, that the characters are memorable, the plot is engaging, the humor works, and viewers come back week after week.

At ZoomTilt, we give our filmmakers the same type of help with their scripts once they reach the finalist stage.

Ross Brown

Ross Brown began his writing career on NBC’s award-winning comedy series The Cosby Show, went on to write and produce such TV shows as The Facts of Life, Who’s the Boss?, and Step By Step. He has created prime time comedy series for ABC, CBS and the WB.

He is the author of Byte-Sized Television: Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet (Michael Wiese Productions, 2011) based on courses he teaches at Chapman University in Orange, California where he is a Professor at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Laurie Hutzler

Laurie H. Hutzler is a media consultant and teaches around the world. She helps film financiers, producers and other creative decision-makers analyze the emotional content of projects. Laurie's unique problem-solving sessions help focus the emotional power of a story and manage the creative risks involved in producing a feature film or television program.

These tools and techniques are available in private client sessions and through her popular classes and lectures in the Master of Fine Arts Program and the Professional Programs at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and, Television. Laurie has also taught Master Classes at the Royal Holloway College at the University of London, at the Sorbonne in Paris, for the Royal Literary Fund in Cambridge, England, and many others. Her website: provides free information on her methods and approach.

John Cabrera

John Cabrera (born August 26, 1975) is an American actor, writer and director best known for his role as Brian Fuller on the television show Gilmore Girls on The WB (later The CW). He has also appeared on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, NCIS, Miracles, and CSI.

More recently, John has focused on screenwriting. In 2010, John wrote and directed the indie musical series The Homes for Lockerz, and, more recently, partnered with Cosimo De Tommaso to write and produce the 2012 Warner Premiere web series H+: The Digital Series.

Anne Watters

Anne Watters discovered the exciting process of filmmaking while attending Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, where she studies Theatre and Film Arts. After attending the University of Southern California’s prestigious M.F.A. Program in Cinematic Arts, with a focus on Directing and Writing, she worked as a Director of Development for an independent production company holding a two-picture deal with MGM. She then went on to work as a producer, writing and directing for television for networks such as ABC, BBC, Bravo, E! Entertainment, Discovery, Discovery Health, MTV, VH1 and TLC. Anne is now the Program Director of the film school at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. She is also currently in development on an independent feature and often guest lectures about filmmaking.

Vladimir Zelevinsky

Vladimir Zelevinsky studied playwrighting at, of all places, MIT, after which he spent two years as an art critic for The Boston Globe and four years as a playwright-in-residence at The Theatre Cooperative (Somerville, MA). His plays were produced in Boston, New York, and nationally, as well as in Canada, Ireland, and UK. He is a two-time finalist for the Heideman Award, and was recently named the winner of the Turner Cassity prize (Best One-Act Play in Verse). He wrote the webseries Connection Lost, produced by ZoomTilt.

Mark Gardner

Mark is a writer and director from Austin, Texas. He started his writing developing a one-hour TV drama for a local production company. After the show lost its funding, he realized it was time to take control of his own destiny. He founded Lovable Varmint Productions and began to write for the web. His first show, CELL: The Web Series, has been a big success with multiple festival selections, 32 award nominations and 7 awards since it launched in 2010. Aside from working to promote CELL, Mark also works with other Austin area web content creators to build the community of producers in Austin as well as around the world. He is currently developing a new series, Weird Girls, as well as multiple new projects that will expand his storytelling to include other media streams, give more depth to his web content, and take advantage of the unique nature of internet storytelling.

Dustin Lee

Dustin Lee conveys extensive experience in filmmaking, corporate strategy, process engineering, and marketing. In addition to teaching screenwriting and directing, Mr. Lee works with entertainment-industry executives as a business strategist and creative consultant, providing his clients over twenty years of experience, generating revenue in the billions of dollars. From story development to marketing and release agendas, he plays a significant role in the implementation of multi-million dollar films, theme park attractions, and stage concepts. He produces, scripts, and directs content for film, television, and the web.

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