TV Reset Project Finalist Pilot Episodes

The Pickup Chicks

By Small Media Extra Large

PLOTLINE:  Brooklyn roomies Darcy, Emma, and Jane stumble upon a brilliant idea for self-employment: why not take clueless guys out for a night on the town, and use their collective girl power to transform dunderhead dudes into dashing gentlemen on the dating scene? In the tradition of Sex and the City, HBO's Girls and Dating Rules for My Future Self, creators Stacie Capone and Jason Nunes open audiences eyes to a new perspective on the experience of independent, empowered single women in New York City.


By Tenth Gate Productions

PLOTLINE:  How did James Bond become so awesome in SkyFall and Casino Royale? Spy College, naturally. New action comedy web series Spycology follows a class of aspiring spies-in-training as they navigate the foibles of college life, ridiculous training, hand-to-hand combat and intense live-fire simulations. In the explosive Season Premiere, a new girl in class spurs our slacking protagonist Jack to take his vocation more seriously in order to evade expulsion.

Cool Justice

By Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh

PLOTLINE:  Picture Starsky & Hutch meets Reno 911, where anything can and does happen. In this hilarious new comedy web series, two larger-than-life, cryogenically frozen undercover cops (Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh) from the 70's are thawed out in present day L.A. to help a hottie heiress, Zoe BenEffron (Camila Greenberg), claim her missing millions. Together the unlikely threesome is set to bust up bad guys old-school-style while following cryptic clues left by Zoe's eccentric billionaire-scientist-grandfather.

Shining City

By Douglas Stark

PLOTLINE:  Written and directed by Douglas Stark (writer for Law & Order, Falcone, NBC), 'Shining City' is a thrilling, suspense-driven neo-noir mystery in the tradition of 'Memento,' 'Lost' and 'The Matrix.' When Elias Porter -- delivery man, husband, and father -- assists an injured accident victim to a hospital, he dismisses the man's ramblings about the city being under 'mind control' as crazy rants. But Elias soon uncovers the darker truth: his job, family, and identity are not what they seem...

Not So Super

By Christophor Rick

PLOTLINE:  What happens when a superhero hits a midlife crisis? Vince (Christophor Rick) is having problems in both halves of his life. At home, his marriage is crumbling, and while 'on duty,' he's been feeling not so super. His lack of confidence is painfully evident, and the city is losing faith. 'Not So Super' twists classic comic book archetypes into a dark indie drama.

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